Partes de la milicia del 28 de septiembre al 3 octubre

article967From Yana

UPD1: In Harkov and Izyum Nazis take cars of people without any obstacles.

UPD 2: 14:10 Kiev Nazis fired from MRLS Kievskiy district, there aren’t proved information about victims and destroying.

UPD 3: Military operation in airport returned to the most active phase.

UPD 4: 18:00 From the Peski and Elenovka was opened artillery fire from mortars and MRLS (Smerch, Uragan) at the center of Donetsk: the hit was I inhabited area: Putilovka, Voroshi;ovsiy district, Kievskiy district, near DSU, Donbas-Arena, Amstom (Universam Ukraine), 2 many-storey buildings on the Patfilova Street, St. Artema 157, St. Titova (regional traumatolgy), St. Universitetskaya 100, 100 b, Mira avenue car is burning, Mira av. 10 (administrational building), trolleybus station n Schorsa Street, office of Dnetsk TV channel.

UPD 5: As a result of Nazis fire the representative of the Red Crossfrom Switzerland died (Loran Etien 1976). At the side of Shirokiy, Mirniy is this black smoke.


Sevastopol voice:

17:31 we got the information that 28-30 September was rotation in Nikishino in Ukrainian subdivisions- the battalion Kiev Rus’ was changed into the battalion Volyn’. 3oth September Ukrainian APC with 10-15 soldiers of the Volyn’ tried to move to the zone which is controlled by the militia. APC was damaged by the militia’s ATGM, and then was fired form the launcher and mortar. Then Ukrainian tank tried to penetrate to this area, but it was attacked from PTRD. After 3 hits Ukrainian tank stopped trying attack and went away. After this Ukrainian APC penetrated from the right flung. And some time later they managed to evacuate wounded soldier from APC. And is information that the station Fascheevka is regularly fired.

20:49 How it was reported to the agency Novorossia by the representative of press-service of the militia of Pavel Dryomov Andrey Lavin, today Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire again, they fired the positions of Kazaks National Guardia. That time at that place was delegation of OSCE, that’s why Kazaks didn’t open response fire. It means that OSCE openly is at the side of Ukrainian troops”.

2 de octubre

From Yana

In time of fire that was today at least 11 civilians died, about 2 dozens were wounded. In Krasniy Leman arrests and raids are still continuing, for 48 hours of the end of last week were arrested 25 people, and on Sunday they were delivered to Harkov, for arrest Nazis commit provocations. Small entrepreneurs disappear and small organizations don’t work.

19:20- Punitive fascists opened fire at Donetsk from MRLS, artillery hit was blown from the side of Blagoveschanka.

19:30-Nazis fired the region of railway station, there are inflammations.

21:45-Artilerry hit was blown at Putilovka from MRLS.

23:15 again was artillery hit at Kuybyshevskiy district (First area)

The strain has been saving, at the side of the airport battles have been going on.

Voice of Sevastopol:

21:38 to Moscow the nearest time will be convoyed battalion Dnepr that gave evidences concerning murders of civilians in Lugansk People’s Republic. About this reported the head of Investigating Committee RF Vladymyr Markin.

22:55 The Prime Minister DPR Alexand Zaharchenko reported that militias won back 90% of the territory of Donetsk airport reached the building of new terminal closely. Practically the entire strategic object has been controlling by the militia, power lifter are staying in the old terminal of air harbor of Donbas.

23:47 General secretary of OON called inappropriate fire of school.

We have been worried a lot with reports concerning growth of violence these days. The firing of school provokes particular alarm. Such actions are unallowable in any circumstances,-he said.

00:15 According to the reports of witnesses, Ukrainian army is dislocating of technique from tank part from Artemovsk to Avdeevka.

00:37 Reports from militia’s stuff office of Gorlovka.

Our militia made the range of military actions again, as a result of which was taken and disarmed regular band grouping which committed robberies, steeling, and murders in Gorlovka and around Novorossia. At this moment general-mayor I.H. Bezler returns return personally the property, treasuries and money to people who suffered from this band.

01:20 According to the dates of DPR’s army, diversion groups of Kiev power lifters is committing mining of dam at the northern suburb of Kurahovo.


The head of department of specific analytics of brigade Prizrak Tanay Cholhanova, in battles ear Pervomaysk punitive soldiers disposed with artillery, systems of MRLS and by guns killed 600 civilians”.

Losses of the militia were not more than 2o people, according to the words of Tanay. “Everyone can do its own conclusions against whom are leading war punitive soldiers, and how people’s tribunal will judge them”,-points the militia man.

28 de septiembre.

Donetsk – the fire of the city is from mortars, artillery, MRLS from the directions of  Krasnogorovka, Tonenkoe, Vodyanoe, and airport.

Airport-positions of the militia underwent the fire from mortars and tanks. AFU took attempt to provide reinforcement to the airport from the direction  Vodnoe. The attempt was reflected by the militia.  Trudovskoe-positions of the militia were under artillery fire of AFU from the direction  Krasnogorovka. The militia blew response hits at fire positions of AFU in regions  Opytnoe, Avdeevka, Peski, airport. The battery MRLS AFU near  Kamenka was disposed. Debaltsevo: AFU continue firing from artillery near  Debaltsevo.  Chernuhino- firefighting.

Nikishyno-positions of the militia underwent mortar fire of AFU from the direction  Redkodub. Near  Nimofeevka, Kumshatskoe-positions of the militia underwent artillery fire of AFU Redkodub.  Rassypnoe was under artillery fire from the direction  Orlovka-Ivanovka. Mariupol: There aren’t any dates concerning changes on the frontline. LPR Near  Smeloe-DSG of the militia disposed auto of AFU.  Krymskoe-was left by AFU.  Novotoshkovka-was left by AFU. AFU continue to go back, to leave the positions.  Gorskoe, Zolotoe are under the control of AFU.  Pervomaysk-was uder artillery fire from the direction  Gorskoe. Response fire was opened. resource: Galene.

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