Lenin, Ukraine and fake patriots


On September 27th, Ukrainian fascists (Right Sektor/Praviy Sektor), with help of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, tore down a Lenin statue in Kharkov (the biggest Lenin statue in Europe). They had not any care for technical reasons in order to tear down such an statue, the damages that could be done to the ground or nearby buildings. But they did not care of that, they only wanted their political-symbolic victory.

But who is Lenin for the Ukrainians? In his first writings, in the beginnings of XX century, he already defended the existence of Ukrainian nationality (when it was not officially recognized) and her right to Self-determination. When October Socialist Revolution happened, up to only a few days, the first statue ever of the Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko was raised in Petrograd. When Socialist revolution met Ukraine in 1918 it was Lenin the very who advocated for an independent Soviet Ukraine (against skeptical in his own party as well as other political forces). He was the very first which make reality an “Ukrainian” State with real borders and State-dimension (on the other hand, “nationalists” as Petliura, in talks with imperialists only achieved an unviable Ukrainette, incapable to impose any kind of authority without Polish or German aid, and without popular support). Lenin achieved a viable Ukrainian State, despite of enemies (White Movement did not acknowledge Ukrainian nationality), foreigners (Poles) and a large portion of Russian public opinion.

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was one of the founders of Soviet Union in 1922 when she joined with other Soviet republics in a federation. There a policy of “Ukrainization” (“ukrayinizatsiya”) of “indigenization” (“korenizatsiya”) was applied. Ukrainian language was introduced in cities, publishing houses, books, opera, cinema, as well as in official institutions; it reached the status of a culture-language, breaking the stereotype of “rural dialect”. By first time, Ukrainian-language writers could see their work spreading and being valued. Bases to make Ukraine and advanced country were stead.

Now, those “Ukrainian patriots”, fascists form Right Sector, fake patriots at all: with the help of lackey Interior Minister Avakov have tore down the statue of the man who made possible their nationality and their State, only for the reason that he represents a factual reality they hate 8socialism and brotherhood between Ukrainian and Russian peoples). It is very paradoxical to see some (fake) patriots tearing down an statue of the practical founder of their State. Very absurd, as absurd as we Basques tearing down statues of Iparragirre or Axular; US people tearing down George Washington or Franklin; Italians tearing down Garibaldi or Mazzini, Hungarians tearing down Istvan or Kossuth or Serbs tearing down Karadjordje or Vuk Karadzic. But absurdity and fascism usually get along…

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