Boycott Ukranian basketball national team! [english]

Next 4th September Ukraine will play against the USA in Barakaldo (Basque Country) at the Basketball World Cup. We in the Basque Country can’t allow the putschist neonazi Kiev regime, represented by its national team, to play in our country.

The Basque Country can’t allow them to play with total normality while Ukraine’s government is carrying out an ethnic cleansing operation in the east of the country. We also consider that Basque society must respond in a responsable and committed manner to the butchery and refusal of self-determination of the Novorossia people. This refusal is supported and financed by the USA and the EU.

Therefore, the Basque Country-Donbass Committee wants to invite everybody concerned to mobilize against the imperialist attack and the genocide in Novorossia and to boycott the basketball match by taking part in a protest on the 4th September at 5pm at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Barakaldo.

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