Military summary (21-08-2014)

gudari01It is not clear whether the enemy is able to transfer reinforcements from the direction of Beloye to the Lutugino pocket. Meanwhile, tactical encirclement threatens the enemy’s grouping in Beloye in case the people’s militia captures Rodakovo-Sabovka.

LPR’s army is fighting fiercely, trying to exterminate the enemy’s grouping in Novosvetlovka; simultaneously the People’s Militia is advancing from Roskosknoye at the stronghold of the enemy in Lutugino. According to the latest reports the front line here drew up close to Lutugino after the Militia had recaptured Georgiyevka.

On August the enemy made a dangerous breakthrough into the depth of the defensive arrangements of the militia from the Lutugino stronghold along the highway in the direction of Krasnyi Luch with the simultaneous thrust at Illiriya along the auxiliary road. This threatens the rear of the Alchevsk-Stakhanov group of People’s Militia. At the same time the enemy attacked Veselaya Tarasovka from the direction of Beloye, but was rebuffed.

To the north of the Stakhanov outshoot the LPR is squeesing Ukrainian forces out to the left shore of the river Severskiy Donets. Three heights near the town of Slavyanoserbsk are recovered from the Nazis.

The People’s Militia is advancing to the north of Lugansk in the direction of Schastye. Fighting is going on in the area of locality Veselaya Gora (here a large grouping of the Nazis is concentrated); the pass-by is in the hands of the People’s Militia. Notably, at the same time the Army of Novorosia conducted an attack in the area to the north of Schastye at Stukalova Balka. The information on who controls Stukalova Balka now will be available soon.

The extermination of Ukrainian forces encircled in Zhdanovka is going on. The castigators’ thrust at Ilovaisk ended in infamous failure.


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