August 1, 2014.

Again the enemy tried to attack on several fronts – Shakhtyorsk, Snezhnoyeh, Marinka, Krasnogorovka.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses in Stepanovka, now the punishers have 1 tank of the 6 available in that territory.
A similar pattern of the defeat of the enemy’s BMD-airborne combat vehicles.

The Self Defense fighters destroyed 5 armored vehicles in the area of Amvrosiyevka.

Two warehouses with ammunition were blown up.

Another attack of the enemy was broken yesterday in Saur-Mogila.

The group of Ukrainian punishers has been surrounded to the North of Shakhtyorsk and Torez.

The enemy pulls Tactical Operational Missile Complexes “Tochka-U” from all sides.

Yesterday there was an exchange of prisoners, two people from each side and dead bodies.

In the result of this exchange the evidence of war crimes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine were revealed.

The Self Defense fighters, acting under the terms of the Geneva Accords, returned the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine back, and they were able to leave on their own two feet.

As for the punishers, they returned not the Self Defense fighters, but the bags of bones.

The Self Defense fighters, who have been in captivity, got broken bones, all their innards were beaten, and as a result of torture they inflicted injuries incompatible with life.

A similar pattern with the bodies of our fallen soldiers, returned by the punishers.

Of the 13 dead:
– 5 were brutally tortured in captivity, as evidenced by available on their bodies signs of torture and abuse;
– 1 was strangled;
– 4 were stabbed repeatedly with knives.

It is obvious that before the exchange the Ukrainians tortured the prisoners and beat them to death.

Commenting on this situation Igor Strelkov, the Minister of Defense, said: “They returned outstanding meanness for our noble gesture.”

By the way, let us recall that recently the commander of the Self Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic ordered the humane treatment of prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who voluntarily surrendered, and the Self Defense soldiers carry out the order.

Responsibility for war crimes, medieval torture and crimes rests with the commander and the soldiers of the 25th Airmobile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and also with the military and political leadership of Ukraine, and they will have to be responsible for these crimes.

For now the 25th Airmobile Brigade actually has been completely destroyed in Shakhtyorsk, its remnants are going to be destroyed in the near future.


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