According to the information from the Minister of Lugansk People’s Republic

Yesterday the city was completely killed. Kirov substation is not subject to repair. All four oil transformer (each 100 tons of weight) are destroyed. This means that the main lines of the input electricity to the city from the North are lost for a long time. Yesterday in the afternoon Southeast overhead power line 35 kV was intentionally destroyed – the only straw to life support systems. It’s +30 C outside. The street lighting, water supply, drainage, mobile network, petrol stations are not working. There’s only gas. The air-raid warning system also doesn’t work. All hospitals are still working on diesel generators, but the stock of fuel is decreasing. As there’s no network nobody can communicate everything is through couriers. Communication exists only with the help of radio stations. All this is due to regular attacks. But the good news is that we have got some liquid chlorine and tomorrow, if electricity will be, we’ll disinfect the water. There are queues of people to leave the city for Donetsk or for Izvarino (to Russia). Tomorrow we open social canteens – there will be no hot food due to the electricity absence, so we’ll distribute packed meal. Next week we’ll open social chemist’s. In order to send this post I had to go to the border and catch weak signals of those towers which continue working in Krasnodon.

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