Brief of Igor Strelkov and Vladimir Altyufeev about prepearing of terrorist act by Kiev junta

strelkov2Igor Strelkov, Defense Minister of Donetsk Republic: “Kiev junta is planning large-scale provocation, as a result of which may be killed tens of thousands people of Donbass.”

He made this statement at a joint press conference with Vladimir Antyufeev First Deputy Prime Minister of Donetsk republic.

“Exploration of the Defense Ministry of Donetsk People’s Republic informed me that the enemy troops are preparing a large provocation. The aim of this provocation is the listing of Donetsk Republic as a terrorist organization, ie: charge us with terrorism and destruction of the civilian population,” – said Igor Strelkov.

“The idea is so monstrous that it is probably hard to believe. Hard to believe those who had not seen firing of phosphorus munitions into residential areas, who have not seen people affected by chemical weapons, who have not seen how howitzer shells destroyed the city center …” – he said.

“According to the data we obtained, and this is confirmed data”, said Igor Strelkov, “during three nights military transport planes transferred to the Kramators’k airport three short range ballistic missiles for the complex Tochka-U. These missiles are now under service and preparing to launch. The targets are pre-treatment facilities of the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk. For information – one of treatment plants have 120 tons of chlorine, another has 160 tons of chlorine. Substitute goal is the factory “Stirol”, with reserves of ammonia, which is in the city of Gorlovka. It is assumed that before the missiles are launched, there will be carried out a propaganda campaign that the militia is preparing attacks on chemical plants in Donetsk and Lugansk.”

According Igor Strelkov, after all of the crimes which have been committed by Ukrainian troops in the Donbass, he is sure in everything. “There is no limit for these people. For them, nothing is sacred. The consequences can be appalling. Depending on the winds, chlorine vapor can reach an area stretching from the city of Donetsk to the town of Volnovakha [40 km distance]. In this area will be killed every living thing. People.. cattle… all could die. The stores of chlorine are enough to be able to kill all life in the vast territory. Victims may be tens of thousands, maybe more. It depends upon the direction taken by the chlorine cloud “, said Igor Strelkov.

Igor Strelkov, Defense Minister of Donetsk Republic hopes that his statement will prevent the use of such barbaric methods of punitive action.

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