Military report (31 July 2014)

Military report

31 July 2014
Donetsk republic, state Novorossia

The yesterday’s outcome is, in general, favourable for the militia of Donbass. The Ukrainian Army tried again to attack the positions of the militia with the armored columns aiming to surround the city. However, the militia withstood this strike and managed to cause the enemy considerable losses in manpower and armor. The enemy partly succeeded just at some sections of the front, village Avdeevka was seized, but now the militia is attempting to retake it.

The Chief-Commander Igor Strelkov especially noted brilliant actions of the commander “Tzar” units operating successfully in the town Shakhtersk where yesterday his soldiers destroyed no less than 7 armored vehicles of the enemy, incapacitated a great number of their manpower and got a trophy of an anti-aircraft gun. According to the humblest estimates, for three days of fighting only one unit led by Tzar has written on their account more than a hundred burnt tanks, ICVs and APCs, which gives evidence to both the scale of the war going and the monstrous losses of the military forces of Ukraine.

Besides, there can already be seen results of the Chief-Commander of the DPR fighters. Igor.Strelkov ordered about the humane attitude to captives willingly giving up their arms. Yesterday, for example, in the vicinity of the town of Shakhtersk a whole unit of the Ukrainian Army raised the white flag and, via local civilians, let the militia know about their wish to withdraw from the war against their own people. The militia seized fire immediately. Unfortunately, the wish of those Ukrainian soldiers whose eyes had opened wasn’t destined to come true. After some time at the enemy’s positions there started a firefight. Apparently, their panic-striken and fanatical fellow soldiers opened fire at those who didn’t want to take part in the pointless and wrongful massacre. As a result, the militia had to take up firing exploding another Ukrainian tank, causing the enemy a considerable damage and putting it to flight.

In the evening of 30 July 2014 the Igor Strelkov, DPR Defense Minister signed orders about the imposition of siege in Donetsk city and the strategic resources mobilization for the defense needs which must have a positive effect on the combat capability of the DPR’s Army and the defenses of the Donetsk People’s Republic on the whole in the nearest future.


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